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Everyone should have the simple right to feel safe.

Without keys, access is simpler.
With biometrics, access is more secure.
With simple and secure access, people can feel safe.
With its unique patented technology and easy installation, combined with secure biometric
algorithms, the Connective Touch range offers the fastest response time and highest quality solution
to your key-free environment.

Security Solutions

Designed, developed and wholly manufactured in Britain, the Connective Touch range gives you the fastest response time and up to three levels of security capabilities.

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Our Progress

Backed by rigorous research and development, the Connective Touch range sets a new standard of excellence in biometric fingerprint technology.

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Technical Support

Our national help desk provides both technical support and warranty advice, backed by an international network of approved support and installation teams.

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Biometric System

World-class technology using tens of thousands of small capacitive plates, measures weak electrical charges from a finger, ensuring fast, secure access.

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British excellence

Designed, developed, wholly manufactured and made in Britain, the Connective Touch range is a triumph of British innovation.

Why Choose Us

“I believe that everyone should be able to benefit from advanced biometric technology. From the designers and assemblers in our British workshop to industry professionals and end users, this technology has the potential to make the world a better and safer place for all.”

Ms Devi Sohanta, Founder

Connective Touch Founder Devi Sohanta believes that biometric technology should not be restricted to the corridors of power, it should be available throughout a wider society. In particular, she hopes that for the elderly, children and vulnerable adults, key-free access and monitoring technology will transform their lives, giving them greater independence and peace of mind.

Driven by this desire to make biometric technology more accessible, Devi has pioneered a system that is both exceptionally effective and easy to fit on existing doors. With a team of best in class innovators, she has developed a world-leading biometric technology. With a team of industry specialists, she has created a range of retrofit systems which can easily convert conventional mechanical locks into a biometrically-operated access control system.

So whether you need a solution for a single bedroom door, or connect and control access for staff, visitors and suppliers throughout a complex site, Connective Touch is the safe choice.

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