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Connective Touch is a founder member of the Biometric Centre of Excellence, where it sees the great value in being a part of establishing, setting and maintaining standards for biometric based products.

‘ Dr Waggett outlines the need for a trade association model in the UK. The emerging and growing biometric range of products available to the public demands the most up to date and correct information and support that a Centre of Excellence can provide’

Background information

A growing number of consultancies, groups and businesses are seeking a central body they can go to for practical help implementing good practice standards at the coal face. Discussions with key businesses have revealed concerns that we in the UK and Europe are limited in our knowledge related to biometric technology.

At the same time businesses are moving rapidly along, developing a wave of new applications and solutions that incorporate this exciting technology. Our Founder Members are bridging that gap by establishing The Global Biometric Centre of Excellence which will operate within a trade association model. They are working with BSI and will seek endorsement by them.

Aims of the Biometric Centre of Excellence

  • To assemble interested parties across manufacturers, distributors, installers, Government departments and academic research centres.
  • To encourage industry standards for biometric products across the UK and Europe.
  • To promote the understanding of biometrics in schools and colleges and create resources to support teaching and learning about biometrics. This will be achieved by providing accurate and useful information about Biometrics in understandable, layman’s terms.
  • To promote the debate about the ethical, political and scientific impact of using biometrics.

The benefits of membership

  • Attend networking events and facilitate collaborative opportunities between members.
  • Share industry knowledge and embrace the opportunities presented by using these state of the art products and services within an emerging biometric trade space.
  • Play a key role in the development and implementation of suitable industry standards (a quality assurance mark).
  • For manufacturers this biometric quality assurance mark will inform both buyers and end users about the high quality, reliability and robustness of the products approved by the Biometric Centre of Excellence.
  • Selected discounts from members for training, products or services.
  • Access keynote speakers who have expertise in different aspects of biometrics to keep up to date with developments in this fast moving industry.
  • Access web based knowledge or wiki with a portal to other biometric groups and resources.
  • Industry e-newsletters to keep you informed of industry developments, trade shows, forthcoming legislation etc.
  • Take part in education seminars and courses run in schools, colleges and Universities
  • Become a show case for the industry.
  • To promote high tech British designed and manufactured products both in the UK and in export markets.

Annual Membership fees

Individual subscriptions £175.00
Corporate membership – for companies with up to 150 employees £250.00
Corporate membership – for companies with 151 or more
employees £325.00
Student membership - £45.00
For more information contact
Devi Sohanta, Founder on +44 (0) 7883 037780
Judith Speed, Membership Secretary on +44 (0) 7516 779584

Global Biometric Centre of Excellence

31 Loudon Avenue
Coventry CV6 1JN
United Kingdom

GBCE is recognised in the United Kingdom and European Community as a Membership Trade Association.

Richard of Diack Ltd. supports all projects, from installation to improving products from an installation perspective. He will ensure that quality control and consistent installation practice is in line with the biometric install quality control system. He leads the way with need to endorse the Connective Touch range under the Biometric Centre of Excellence.

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