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Connective Touch Flexi

A stand alone, biometric finger-print door locking solution, which controls who goes where and easily fits most internal doors. The Flexi turns rooms, offices and storage areas into highly secure locations.

A market leading biometric Capacitive Sensor – seen as the best and most secure biometric registration technology, works in conjunction with encryption technology and wireless enrolment, through a com.pad, to manage between one and 50 doors. Through the com.pad, Flexis can only be controlled by 'approved' security administrators who enrol and delete individuals. Via the com.pad, the security administrator will have a complete and accurate audit trail of who entered each access controlled room or space.

Unique and highly secure

Unless the biometric sensor detects and approves an enrolled finger-print, the door handle does not work and is disconnected from the smart spindle (the metal rod onto which we attach the Flexi door handles).

  • Market leading capacitive sensors, using 3D template technology, cannot be bypassed or 'spoofed'.
  • Patented spindle enables the Flexi to fit most existing doors and mortises saving money and time.
  • Declutching handle stops the bypass of the lock by breaking off the handle.

Why is this significant?

On most locks, by removing the door handle, anyone can use a flat head screwdriver or equivalent to turn the lock and open the door. Not with the unique declutching Flexi technology! If someone removes the handle with a hammer it won’t open. And the front handle is bolted through the door to the rear support plate using 'nycloc nuts', which will turn but not unscrew, maintaining the lock’s integrity.

Historic note – When the Rover 75 was launched, it had the first ever declutching door handles in a car, making it internationally recognised for the highest security ratings, a British first never before achieved!

Technical Specifications

Kenilworth School recommends this solution to both businesses and educational establishments who are looking to improve their access security, the electronic system is reliable, secure and very simple to use.

Mr M Kalsi, IT System Manager
Kenilworth School & Sixth Form
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