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Fundamental to our mission to be recognised as a leader in biometric asset protection access control solutions, Connective Touch advanced solutions are all manufactured, assembled, quality checked and despatched from the UK, to customers worldwide, working exclusively with two renowned manufacturers:

Hitex UK Ltd

Hitex UK offers a varied range of products and services including development tools, PCB design, boards, modules, consultancy, complete product design services and automation solutions.

Their accreditation will assure that our product will perform to the highest standards.

Vandal Resistant Enclosure

A strong and reliable vandal resistant enclosure has been designed, manufactured and assembled to suit multiple locations where they is high crime and a greater need for added security.

A choice of colours to support design and style of buildings. These compliment a standard light switch enclosure. Fully designed by our Team, and assembled in Wales.

They are used for both the Smart networked system, Smartpro and Flexi Gold.

Accredit UK

Connective Touch has met the requirements of the Accredit UK ICT Supply Standard for Software product Design and Development.

Organisations can either take a plunge into the unknown with all of its associated risks when choosing an IT product, or choose a company whose excellence has been independently assessed. Accredit UK certified businesses have shown that they have well-trained and managed people, a track record of first-class performance and excellent internal processes.

"The goal of the Accredit UK standard is to give customers confidence that they are dealing with credible companies supplying ICT solutions. While this is useful for ICT in general, I believe it is invaluable for customers looking for bespoke software suppliers." Jon Dickinson, Managing Director, Accolade Consulting

As a holder of the Accredit UK standard Connective Touch also features on

Connective Touch solutions meet CE and EMC standards.

Connective Touch range of products continues to push the boundaries by designing and developing end to end solutions in access control. Paul Ryan of RTR Services and his Team tests CT’s specially created and designed facilities management software.

Here is what some of our clients who own the biometric units and systems said:
“I feel more independent know I don’t have to rely on staff like I used to if I lost my key”
“When I feel agitated I can get into my room quickly away from everyone into my
own space”
“ I know some people just can’t walk in”
“I feel more independent know I don’t have to rely on staff like I used to if I lost my key”