• Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School – Video

    Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School gets Security Upgrade

    Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School located in Oakdale takes the first step in embracing Biometric Technology.

    Watch the video below and listen to headteacher Craig George, as he gives his views on how the Connective Touch Flexi unit has benefitted him personally

  • National Register of Education Suppliers

    We are pleased to confirm that we now carry the Incensu mark.  Approved supplier on  The National Register of Education Suppliers.  Giving education better access to our keyfree future.


  • Connective Touch’s Director Wins Global Award

    Global Over 50s Housing/Healthcare Awards 2017

    The Global Awards are now in their seventh year.

    They were created to celebrate and reward the best individual and company performances in Seniors Housing/Care Trends, Healthcare Innovation, IT, and Medical Tourism sectors worldwide.

    The Awards recognise the rapid growth of these sectors worldwide, and the capacity of individuals to influence and set new performance standards across countries, regions and the world. The Awards focus on elevated performance; the creation of new business models; contrarian thinking; recognising and embracing new trends; market leadership; inspirational performance and the elevation of customer experience.


    The Globals sponsored by the Over 50’s  Housing Publishing Group embrace Active Adults, Adult Day Care/Respite, Affordable, Aged Care, Assisted Living, Autism/Asperger’s, Brain Injury, Care Home, Care Village, Clinics, Community Care, Community Housing, Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Co-Op Housing, Day Care, Dementia/ Alzheimer’s, Disability Services, EMI Unit, Extra Care, Golf Estate, Health Care Centre, Health Education, Health Parks, Home Care, Hospice, Hospitals, Hostel, Housing Which Targets Over 50s, Independent Living Units, Learning Disability (Adult), Learning Disability (Child), Lofts, Medical Centres, Medical Health Services, Mental Health Services, Mixed Generation Housing, Multi-Purpose Health Centre, Multigenerational Housing, Neurology Care, Nursing Home, Palliative, Park Housing, Regeneration, Rehabilitation, Rental Housing, Residential Care, Resort Parks, Respite, Rest Home, Retirement Apartments, Retirement Community, Retirement Flats, Retirement Village, Seniors Living, Share Flats, Shared Ownership, Sheltered Housing, Skilled Nursing, Social Housing, Specialist Education Centre, Specialist Estates, Spinal Injury, Stroke Rehab, Supported Housing, Supported Living, Tax Credits, Upscale, Urban, Virtual Retirement Communities, Intergenerational Housing, Medical Tourism, Healthcare Innovation, I.T.






    The nomination of Ms Devi Sohanta was made by Mr Esmonde Crawley (the Editor of the over 50’s Housing Weekly). She won the Most Innovative Social Enterprise in the world in 2017 on the 9th November 2017 at a Gala Dinner held at the Courthouse Hotel London UK.


    The judging criteria is overseen by the editor of 20 journals across the world specialising in the over-50s housing sector and the provision of goods and services to the over-50s housing sector. The Trends editor has been involved in this sector for 32 years. He is the most widely travelled observer on the world stage, visiting and observing industry trends in 36 countries over the past 24 months on all continents; free of sector bias, association links, commercial compromise and open to new entrants and ideas. He is in a unique position to make considered; balanced and impartial judgments based on intellect, effort, commitment, honesty and the rewards generated by awards winners for both shareholders / stakeholders and the client / customer.  The Awards policy since inception has been to charge each person for attendance. The Awards as a result are free of sponsorship pressure, are truly independent and have more value to the recipient. The Awards are unique in that they are solely based on independent expert assessment, untainted by commercial imperatives.


    This year (2017) only 28 Awards were made.


  • Calling all Housing Associations

    The Welsh Housing Quality Standard requires all social landlords to improve their housing stock to an acceptable level by 2020.


    The Welsh Government believes that everyone in Wales should have the opportunity to live in a good quality home within a safe and secure community. Biometric Technology can support this aim by cost savings, minimise disruption to staff and service users, and give you and them peace of mind, and feel safe.

    Replacement of keys, fobs and proximity cards are expensive. Biometric technology allows your fingerprint to be your password. You do not lose that!

    The biometric security product range is known as Connective Touch. Based in Ebbw Vale we will be show-casing how this can work for you on the 16th and 17th November 2017.

     Will you be the Lucky Winner?

    Join us at the Mercure Holland Hotel in Cardiff on the 16th and 17th November 2017.

     WIN A FREE BIOMETRIC SYSTEM exclusive to the CHC Housing exhibition.



    Alpha Bio Technologies Limited designs, develops and manufactures fingerprint biometric door handles, access control biometric networked and wireless systems. The range is known as Connective Touch.  The Founder has in addition set up a social enterprise under the Alpha Trust known as the Assemblers to train and create employment for people with learning disabilities and long term unemployed.

  • Thumbs Up for 1st Engineer Training


    Biometric Technology at your Fingertips

    The 4th  of October brought together engineers from Weston Security and iSecure 20171004_100258who were keen to get to grips with fingerprint biometric technology.


    Lead by Richard Diack the training program was designed to enable engineers who have years of experience in installing access control security systems, but now want to embrace biometric technology. Following a morning of a mixture of theory and practical exercises, the training closed with the engineers saying that the Connective Touch range of standalone units, networked along with cloud based biometric systems are easy to install, test and get up and running for many of their existing customers.


    20171004_100310“The price of the Connective Touch range is highly competitive given that it’s wholly British designed, manufactured and assembled in Wales. I like and share your ethos of creating jobs for local people” said Clive Jones Technical Services Director of iSecure.




  • Living Centre Attracts Health Care Professionals

    Press release accompanying pictureA dedicated room has been set aside at the Carmarthenshire Living Centre. The centre has been designed in a way so that professionals from Health and Social care can look at the current equipment provision by health and social care throughout the County as well as equipment that is available in the marketplace. The Connective Touch fingerprint Biometric Flexi Unit, designed and manufactured by Alpha Bio Technologies, based in Ebbw Vale has been installed by Diack Ltd in the room, enabling easy access. This provides peace of mind, whilst demonstrating the value of security to all users.

    “We wanted to ensure that citizens could purchase themselves, the building is also used as a training venue and a place where individuals, families and Groups can come and experience the equipment in a setting that is similar to a home setting. The building is still being finished and we are gaining input from professionals in the community to ensure that it is used by as many people as possible” said Paul Faulkner responsible for the management of the smart house.

    A grand launch for the building is planned for late 2018, and Connective Touch is inviting people attending the smart house to get in touch with us further information.

  • Biometrics on the BBC

    Plans to create fingerprint technology hub in Blaenau Gwent
    Blaenau Gwent could become a hub for technology allowing fingerprints to be used to secure property.
    Designer Devi Sohanta said it has the potential to “change how we live” and be in “every home”.
    Connective Touch locks use biometrics that recognise unique characteristics such as irises or faces.
    Ms Sohanta has created a social enterprise, allowing people with learning disabilities and long-term unemployed to manufacture them.

    Click here to see the video

  • Time to back British biometrics

    passwordA British pioneer of biometrics, Connective Touch, is working with RTR Services to make fingerprint technology more ‘accessible’ – with an easy to fit, standalone solution for existing doors, that offers world-leading, patented capacitive sensors and 3D template technology.

    The Flexi turns rooms, offices and storage areas into highly secure locations and is proving popular in education, healthcare, housing, retail and industrial sectors. Facilities managers or building owners can manage individual access for up to 50 internal doors with a single com.pad control unit, eradicating the need and associated cost of issuing and managing keypad codes, smart cards, keys and key fobs, while providing a complete and accurate audit trail of who entered each access controlled room or space.

    Sales and marketing director Paul Watson said: “This is great example of high quality British technology, made here in the UK to a high specification. Widely accredited by leading independent security organisations and standards bodies, the Flexi unit provides trusted, robust and reliable access control. Fingerprint technology is no longer just seen in sci fi films and the corridors of MI5, it’s a practical, sustainable option that is being used across all project types and size.”

  • Newydd Housing Association makes Smart choice with keyless entry

    Newydd Housing Association tenants in Shakespeare Gardens, Rhydyfelin, near Pontypridd will be among the first in Wales to use their fingerprints to enter their new homes.

    The apartments at Shakespeare Gardens are being fully refurbished by Weston Contractors for Newydd, creating a housing co-operative for local people. The Connective Touch SmartPro system has been installed, giving tenants complete control over who can access their home.

    By swapping keys for biometric technology, new tenants of the 18 one bedroom apartments will benefit from improved security, easier access, reduced maintenance costs and help them feel even safer in their new, close-knit community.

    Connective Touch founder Devi Sohanta explains “I believe that this technology, using fingerprints to unlock doors, can change lives. It’s fast, easy and secure, providing tenants with complete peace of mind. There’s no possibility that the security of the home is comprimised simply because a key has been lost or stolen”

    Elise Coalter, Business Manager at Newydd added: “Using this new technology appealed to us not only due to its innovation, convenience and improved security but also due the advantage of having a product that will last long term, aiding the sustainability of the co-operative.

    “Shakespeare Gardens is already an active community and tenant members are looking forward to the advantages of having biometrics technology. After installation of the SmartPro system and future discussions with memberswe will be in a position to consider how we could then roll out this innovative technology to more properties if successful.”

    A housing co-operative is a group of people who live in and take an active roll in managing their own homes. This could involve day to day repairs, communal cleaning, window cleaning, decoration and gardening. Newydd, as landlord, will continue to be responsible for all major maintenance tasks and will continue to carry out boiler safety checks. The refurbishment of all the apartments at Shakespeare Gardens was completed in September 2016.

  • Showcasing biometrics at the MLA Expo

    Paul Ryan Expo
    Paul Ryan of RTR tests CT biometric software

    As a member of the Master Locksmith’s Association, Connective Touch was invited to represent biometrics at the MLA Expo in Telford in October.

    Distributors RTR Services and Strand Hardware joined Founder Devi Sohanta at the exhibition to meet MLA members and discuss the benefits and potential of biometric technology.

    Devi said: “For many of the delegates, this was their first opportunity to discuss biometric technology and how it could be incorporated into their projects. Everyone I spoke to was excited by the potential and the possibilities of installing a retrofit unit like Connective Touch, to make end users feel safer and more secure. As an alternative to traditional locks and keys, the facility to simply remove users and add new ones, without replacing any hardware, was seen to be a big advantage for building owners and facilities managers.”