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Our Journey

Devoting several years to research and development, we wanted the Connective Touch range to raise the standards of excellence within the global biometric fingerprint sector. Our patented technology now leads the evolution of authentication. We have rigorously developed, tested and accredited our systems and technology to ensure that Connective Touch is the safe choice. This is our 'journey'.

Led by the pioneering Devi Sohanta, we always felt it was crucial, given the vast marketplace offering of often inferior fingerprint based access control products, that Connective Touch should be seen to provide tried and tested solutions, that robustly and effectively protect people, property, data
and stock.

The need for protection and access control solutions to be 'individual' and 'auditable', takes the management of asset protection and access control further along the evolutionary process from 'smart card' technology, and onto fingerprints as the unique and undisputable key. As everyone knows, cards can be lost, damaged or stolen and as such access control linked to the correct person cannot be relied upon.

Setting Standards

Access control and protection product standards are, in the main, un-measured and there is no solid industry standard to measure against for peace of mind. Many security and access management products are sold and the confidence in them remains low. Within many biometric based products the biometric sensors that are used are of a poor standard and are easily spoofed.

The Connective touch Sensor

Our world-leading sensor reader is accredited and uses best in class technology to ensure robust reliability.
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Connective touch Accreditation

The testing process on our developed sensors, spindles and housings is robust leading to recognised accreditation and endorsements.
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Community Lives support a number of tenants and service users that live within the community. 16 people have the CT biometric solution.
Karin Philips of Community Lives said “ With one particular gentleman we support that has complex health needs, the system has been deemed the least intrusive way of managing his health problem.”