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Connective Touch Smart Pro

Biometric fingerprint access via devices, which use highly advanced print recognition to allow access. Devices cannot be tricked or spoofed, “you know who entered was the correct person”. Devices communicate with advanced control software globally, to send and receive templates and data securely and in real-time.

Our web-based access control and tracking software, allows for complete visibility and access auditing, across many locations, and reduces administration and management time, thus creating value through smart technology.

Biometric fingerprint managed access, built upon our market leading biometric Capacitive Sensor – seen as the best and most secure biometric registration technology.


Simplistic In Design and Highly Secure

Unless the biometric sensor detects and approves an enrolled fingerprint, the door does not work and the software alerts key personnel via SMS or email of an attempt.

  • Market leading capacitive sensors, using 3D template technology, cannot be bypassed or “spoofed”.
  • Simplistic installation, without the complexity of additional controller hardware that adds cost.
  • No specialist engineers are required to maintain the system (an onsite IT engineer/manager can usually correct a wiring fault).

Why is this significant?

Many solutions in the marketplace support the old industry standard “Wiegand” format. Others do not and this means that they cannot exist in the same infrastructure as legacy hardware. Much reader device hardware will also be tied to using accessories (such as RF cards) which again make the overall solution more expensive.

A massive disadvantage to these types of solutions is the presence of a door controller unit. For each reader in the network, you need to connect it to a door controller for it to operate correctly. These door controller units are expensive, and add a great deal of cost and complexity to the overall installation when one considers that the maximum number of doors the controller units will support is four.

Our solution negates this disadvantage as the logic is held on the reader itself as well as the server, removing the need to have separate door controller units.

Finally, these types of solutions devices do not utilise TCP/UDP communication, therefore they cannot be installed in to an existing IT infrastructure easily. By not utilising standard wiring and standard protocols, this will increase the overall cost of the installation and ultimately the total cost of ownership.

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Hitex finds it’s exciting and rewarding to work with Connective Touch and its Smart Pro ‘cloud’ based biometric solution. It is allowing us to expand its features and give greater benefit to this range.

Trevor Martin,
Technical Specialist, Hitex (UK) Ltd
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