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Connective Touch Smart

Smart is taking the lead as the most reliable fingerprint networked access control system in the country.

Smart brings connectivity to individual Flexi units within a single building via a secure Controller Area Network (CAN) management system. This allows management control via a PC or laptop interface to centrally determine access through allocated doors. Management information can be collected about every individual’s movements throughout the building. The smart system is developed so that the existing reliable flexi standalone unit is linked via a suitable fault tolerant wired network that can be managed and monitored centrally with a Facilities Management Computer.

The CAN bus (Controller Area Network) is widely used in automotive and industrial distributed network applications. The advantage of using CAN is that it uses a single terminated twisted pair cable. It offers high reliability with extensive error checking and typical maximum data rate achievable is 40KBytes/sec.

The SMART system is based on the current design of the Biometric
Lock hardware.

Smart key benefits

  • Flexi hardware that makes your location secure with sophisticated, durable and reliable sensor technology that will build a 'fool-proof' 3D finger print scan. You can also be confident declutching handle technology stops physical force and a tool from gaining entry
  • Connects the Flexi units together with Smart management software to create a wireless solution
  • Garner information to improve health and safety (stop people going into hazardous areas where they are not authorised), scrutinize time and attendance to support HR functions, and even provide a forensic trail of where people were to improve systems if things go wrong

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Community Lives support a number of tenants and service users that live within the community. 16 people have the CT biometric solution.
Karin Philips of Community Lives said “ With one particular gentleman we support that has complex health needs, the system has been deemed the least intrusive way of managing his health problem.”