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This is a letter endorsing the work of Connected Touch in developing and furnishing a range of fingerprint operated door locking mechanisms.

Community Lives Consortium supports about 300 disabled people to live the lives they choose in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot. It is really important that their homes help them to be in control, to get the privacy they want, and to still get support when they require it. For a number of these people traditional locks can be difficult to use and thus people struggle to have independent control over their personal living environments. This is especially true when they share their home with
other people.

We have been interested in finger print locking mechanisms for a number of years but have struggled to find a supplier or biometric locks that are reliable and are adaptable to the needs of the individuals we support. In Connective Touch we have found a company who is developing a range of useful products, however as a company they also bring a creative desire to make sure that the application of their locks really work tor the individuals who will use them. Locally they have teamed up with local Installers in Swansea to ensure that these locks are installed and maintained effectively.

In partnership with Connected Touch we have now installed 7 stand alone biometric locking mechanisms in people's homes and are using a networked biometric system using both local and wide area networks to support people using our Swansea offices. We have encouraged the people we support to share information with other tenants, and the people who support them, about how these locks are helping them to live their lives. Some people have even made films about their locks and how they are using them. On the basis of growing interest from the people we support we have ordered another 15 locks from Connected Touch and anticipate more as people team more about this technology and how it could help them.

We would recommend Connected Touch together with the biometric systems they are developing
and installing.

If you want more information about how the people we support are using these locks and working with Connected Touch please feel free to contact us.

Rick Wilson,
Community Lives Consortium, Swansea

Connective touch provided us with a biometric locking solution for secure access to the school network server room. We purchased the Connective Touch Flexi product, which is the standalone variant and powered by a battery, we have so far been impressed by the speed of the fingerprint recognition, and by the speed of the unlocking/locking mechanism.

We can recommend this solution to both businesses and educational establishments who are looking to improve their access security, the electronic system is reliable, secure and very simple to use.

Mr M Kalsi,
IT System Manager
Kenilworth School & Sixth Form

Hitex finds it’s exciting and rewarding to work with Connective Touch and its Smart Pro ‘cloud’ based biometric solution. It is allowing us to expand its features and give greater benefit to this range.

Trevor Martin,
Technical Specialist, Hitex (UK) Ltd

Commissioned to re-design the proof-of-concept unit for larger scale production and assembly, Rob provided the design and technical expertise throughout its development cycle from conceptualization to final assembly.

Design of the pressed steel housing was complemented by customisable colour inlays for larger corporate clients. The biometrically controlled locking mechanism was tweaked for improved reliability and durability, incorporating low friction surface finishes to some metal components whilst others were replaced by engineered plastics. The assembly process was significantly improved to reduce alignment error and process time.

We were proud to hear that multiple units successfully passed 1,000 cycle testing conducted at the multinational electronic manufacturers.

Robert Harwood