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 Each pioneering system is exceptionally effective and easy to fit on existing doors, helping you convert conventional mechanical locks into a biometrically-operated access control system, easily and quickly. Ideal for public, private sector and not-for-profit organisations, Connective Touch provides users with simple, easy, yet highly secure access, while simultaneously removing the need for building owners to replace locks as users change. With its world-leading, patented technology and easy installation, combined with secure biometric algorithms, the Connective Touch range offers the fastest response time and highest quality solution to your key-free environment.So whether you need a solution for a single bedroom door, or connect and control access to staff, visitors and suppliers throughout a complex site, Connective Touch is the safe choice.

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Biometrics on the BBC

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Biometrics on the BBC

Plans to create fingerprint technology hub in Blaenau Gwent
Blaenau Gwent could become a hub for technology allowing fingerprints to be used to secure property.
Designer Devi Sohanta said it has the potential to “change how we live” and be in “every home”.
Connective Touch locks use biometrics that recognise unique characteristics such as irises or faces.
Ms Sohanta has created a social enterprise, allowing people with learning disabilities and long-term unemployed to manufacture them.

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