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Newydd Housing Association makes Smart choice with keyless entry

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Newydd Housing Association makes Smart choice with keyless entry

Newydd Housing Association tenants in Shakespeare Gardens, Rhydyfelin, near Pontypridd will be among the first in Wales to use their fingerprints to enter their new homes.

The apartments at Shakespeare Gardens are being fully refurbished by Weston Contractors for Newydd, creating a housing co-operative for local people. The Connective Touch SmartPro system has been installed, giving tenants complete control over who can access their home.

By swapping keys for biometric technology, new tenants of the 18 one bedroom apartments will benefit from improved security, easier access, reduced maintenance costs and help them feel even safer in their new, close-knit community.

Connective Touch founder Devi Sohanta explains “I believe that this technology, using fingerprints to unlock doors, can change lives. It’s fast, easy and secure, providing tenants with complete peace of mind. There’s no possibility that the security of the home is comprimised simply because a key has been lost or stolen”

Elise Coalter, Business Manager at Newydd added: “Using this new technology appealed to us not only due to its innovation, convenience and improved security but also due the advantage of having a product that will last long term, aiding the sustainability of the co-operative.

“Shakespeare Gardens is already an active community and tenant members are looking forward to the advantages of having biometrics technology. After installation of the SmartPro system and future discussions with memberswe will be in a position to consider how we could then roll out this innovative technology to more properties if successful.”

A housing co-operative is a group of people who live in and take an active roll in managing their own homes. This could involve day to day repairs, communal cleaning, window cleaning, decoration and gardening. Newydd, as landlord, will continue to be responsible for all major maintenance tasks and will continue to carry out boiler safety checks. The refurbishment of all the apartments at Shakespeare Gardens was completed in September 2016.