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 Each pioneering system is exceptionally effective and easy to fit on existing doors, helping you convert conventional mechanical locks into a biometrically-operated access control system, easily and quickly. Ideal for public, private sector and not-for-profit organisations, Connective Touch provides users with simple, easy, yet highly secure access, while simultaneously removing the need for building owners to replace locks as users change. With its world-leading, patented technology and easy installation, combined with secure biometric algorithms, the Connective Touch range offers the fastest response time and highest quality solution to your key-free environment.So whether you need a solution for a single bedroom door, or connect and control access to staff, visitors and suppliers throughout a complex site, Connective Touch is the safe choice.

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Connective Touch Flexi

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Connective Touch Flexi

Turning any room instantly into a secure area

A stand alone, biometric finger-print door locking solution, which controls who goes where and easily fits most internal doors. The Flexi turns rooms, offices and storage areas into highly secure locations.

A market leading biometric Capacitive Sensor – seen as the best and most secure biometric registration technology, works in conjunction with encryption technology and wireless enrolment, through a com.pad, to manage between one and 50 doors. Through the com.pad, Flexis can only be controlled by 'approved' security administrators who enrol and delete individuals. Via the com.pad, the security administrator will have a complete and accurate audit trail of who entered each access controlled room or space.


  • Simple, reliable and robust
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimises disruption
  • Compact & Versatile
  • Customised branding facility
  • Simple enrolment
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • UK designed and manufactured



  • Market leading biometric capacitive sensor using 3D template technology
  • com.pad to enrol and remove users access rights via Zigbee technology
  • 6 seconds enrolment time using the com.pad
  • Less then 1 second recognition
  • Patented smart spindle to protect from abuse to front handle
  • High anti-intruder protected
  • Wireless capability
  • Active data encryption
  • Temper switch protected
  • Manage up to 50 units through one com.pad 
  • Allows 150 users per unit



  • Public sector •
    • Government buildings
    • Prisons and young offenders’ institutions
  • Schools and universities
    • Halls of residence
    • IT / storage rooms
    • Staff rooms
  • Commercial
    • IT / storage rooms
    • Private offices
  • Healthcare
    • Care homes
    • Mental health units
    • Pharmacies
    • Surgeries
  • Leisure
    • Hotels
    • Health clubs
  • Sheltered accommodation
    • Retirement homes
    • Youth hostels



Connective Touch Flexi can be easily managed by non-technicians using the simple com.pad.

  • Simplified software
  • Quick enrolment process
  • User names up to 11 characters
  • Successful fingerprint match indicated by LEDs and buzzer
  • Fast response time
  • Tracking users
  • Manual override option for emergency use
  • Sleep mode to conserve battery life.
  • Low battery indicator


  • Capacitive sensor using 3D template technology cannot be bypassed or “spoofed”
  • Will accurately read fingerprints with minor injuries e.g. cuts and burns
  • Patented de-clutching ‘smart’ spindle prevents forcing of the handle to bypass the lock
  • Compatibility with a DIN 72 standard 4 Designed to retrofit as an upgrade to most internal door locks (including fire doors)
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards by Stadium Electronics and Hitex UK
  • Software testing by Accredit UK
  • Meets the Secured by Design standard
  • Pass 24 – destruction testing by Chiltern Dynamics (as part of a complete door-set)