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 Each pioneering system is exceptionally effective and easy to fit on existing doors, helping you convert conventional mechanical locks into a biometrically-operated access control system, easily and quickly. Ideal for public, private sector and not-for-profit organisations, Connective Touch provides users with simple, easy, yet highly secure access, while simultaneously removing the need for building owners to replace locks as users change. With its world-leading, patented technology and easy installation, combined with secure biometric algorithms, the Connective Touch range offers the fastest response time and highest quality solution to your key-free environment.So whether you need a solution for a single bedroom door, or connect and control access to staff, visitors and suppliers throughout a complex site, Connective Touch is the safe choice.

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Connective Touch Smart Pro

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Connective Touch Smart Pro

Biometric solution for asset protection and access control

Biometric fingerprint access via devices, which use highly advanced print recognition to allow access. Devices cannot be tricked or spoofed, “you know who entered was the correct person”. Devices communicate with advanced control software globally, to send and receive templates and data securely and in real-time.

Our web-based access control and tracking software, allows for complete visibility and access auditing, across many locations, and reduces administration and management time, thus creating value through smart technology.

Biometric fingerprint managed access, built upon our market leading biometric Capacitive Sensor – seen as the best and most secure biometric registration technology.


  • Internet Protocol (IP) controlled
  • Integrated with Paxton Net2 Access Control System
  • Implemented as either local or wide area networks
  • Compatible with other Paxton family readers
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Simple, reliable and robust
  • UK designed and manufactured


  • Visual and audible notifications
  • Capacitor fingerprint sensor
  • Flush / surface mounted design
  • 6 seconds enrolment time
  • Less than 1 second recognition
  • High anti-intruder protected
  • Remotely controlled option
  • Active data encryption
  • Access out reader available
  • Wireless capability
  • Tamper switch protected
  • Allows 990 users per door


  • Public sector
    • Banks and building societies
    • Government buildings
    • Prisons and young offenders’ institutions
  • Schools and universities
    • Reception areas
    • Halls of residence
    • Staff rooms and offices
  • Commercial
    • Private offices
    • Factories
    • Vehicle access
  • Healthcare
    • Hospitals
    • Care homes
    • Mental health units
    • Surgeries
  • Leisure
    • Hotels
    • Gyms and health clubs
  • Sheltered accommodation
    • Youth hostels
    • Retirement homes



Connective Touch SmartPro has its own biometric enrolment software that integrates with most facilities management systems.

  • Readers management
  • Enrolment unit management
  • Paxton Net2 users management
  • Two slots for fingerprints available
  • Add/remove users fingerprint records
  • Password protected


The SmartPro system features an Internet Protocol (IP) controlled biometric reader that works in harmony with most established facilities management systems.

  • Server PC
  • Enrolment unit
  • Internet management device
  • Controller unit
  • Paxton ACU unit
  • Verification unit


Connective Touch SmartPro can be easily managed by non-technicians and the SmartPro reader can simply plug and play with any access control processing unit.

  • Simplified software
  • Quick enrolment process
  • Fast response time
  • Tracking users
  • Controlled access permission
  • Quick permission modifications